Tecno’s Camon 12 Pro review


Depending on the available light and therefore the angle at which one views the phone (Tecno’s Camon 12 Pro), its body may be a glossy blend of purple and green, with a tinge of blue. The body feels a touch like firm plastic and also the colours makes it stand out subtly. The phone feels light enough to not be a hassle yet not most so to feel cheap and unsubstantial.

So far, it’s growing on me.

Navigating through the 6gb RAM and 64gb cupboard space felt easy and freeze-free. I forestall to downloading HD movies and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with none lag.

Strangely, the Camon 12 Pro includes a dedicated red Google Assistant button on its left side, which is behind the days since typical mid-range android devices concentrate on voice activation for this feature.

Unlike other phones that i’ve got used or reviewed, Tecno’s Camon 12 Pro was a touch difficult to unlock using the thumbprint feature located on the phone’s screen.

The thumbprint scanner wasn’t the simplest security path to use this phone with. In fact, I rarely accessed the device using this because it wasn’t ergonomically easy to try and do so on behalf of me, despite having thumbs that job. I cursed with using the face recognition and screen patterns.

Face recognition worked better than the thumbprint feature and that i can unlock the phone when it’s on my desk and that i am standing up. Although under the proper circumstances, this feature unlocked my phone quickly with none lag time, there have been several occasions where the phone informed me to do other means to achieve access..

The face recognition feature on this phone is unreliable. In my experience it had been unable to scan my face especially in situations where light shone on the phone’s sensor or when it had been a long time since I picked up the phone. At other times, it might work quite well even with my glasses on.

At 16 megapixels, the front-facing camera isn’t bad for a selfie camera. I discovered two front-facing lights hidden on either side of the front camera, which made me want I had a ring-light attached. This feature can are available in handy additionally to the camera’s tendency to create photos lighter than the environment is. this will be useful for low light situations, but a touch annoying after I wanted my pictures to seem like they’re. Overall, the selfie camera performed satisfactorily because it picked up every detail within its range with enough clarity and brightness.

Another good thing I discovered is that the camera is bright and makes use of the environment’s lighting to spice up its own, thereby producing bright-looking photos without beauty or any additional help from the phone.

The Tecno Camon claims that i’d enjoy the advantages of an AI Camera. Personally, I didn’t know what that meant and was wanting to determine. it’s worth noting that the AI Camera might not photograph objects still as humans. for example, I took an image of my emerald green scarf with rather interesting results.

Personally, i’d never wear something that resembled what I can only describe as “nuclear waste green”. But eventually, the camera learns from the user and takes more stabilised pictures.

The Camon 12 Pro lives up to its macro photography features, capturing the tiniest print I could find, although it takes some seconds of patience to permit the camera concentrate on the thing of your photography.

The beauty feature of this camera comes with tabs described like “slender”, “sexy”, and “natural”. The Bokeh control doesn’t live up to its promise, though. i assumed the images where “nice”, but the main target on the topic was always a small amount off and that i had to tap some extent for the camera to target before quickly taking the photograph. The camera often overcompensates with plenty of sunshine to offer the illusion of great photography.

The Camon 12 Pro comes with a 3750 mAh battery and tests well under daily use including some phone calls, social media use, and emailing.

A dedicated testing after three hours of video watching, an hour and a 1/2 music playing, two hours of PUBG gaming, and browsing took the phone from 100% to 39% — a 61% decrease in about seven hours of use.

I did discover that when the phone battery level drops to between 35% and 30%, the decrease is rapid even when the phone wasn’t in use.

Phone Ads
The phone, like all Tecno devices, I had annoying advertisements doping up on the screen at different times. Initially a light annoyance, it gradually became an irritation; i used to be unwilling to select up the phone just to avoid being bombarded with commercials — the adverts were everywhere.Nevertheless, the choice to prevent notifications from showing ads and disrupting my peace of mind was available; needless to mention, I made use of it.

The speakers stood out on behalf of me and that they produced quality sounds. Bohemian Rhapsody sounded excellent and reverberated for the duration of the open office space without sounding scratchy or strained.

In summary, what really stood out on behalf of me with the Tecno Camon 12 Pro was its selfie camera. It definitely didn’t over-promise and under deliver in its marketing messages during this case.

Also, the 6gb RAM the phone operates with helps navigating the device much smoother than most. Not once did it freeze during the review process. I actually enjoyed playing media on this device thanks to its memory space and great speakers. the quantity seems to be superb for this mid-range device.

I liked that the battery seemed powerful enough to handle the various heavy duty activities which will include employing a good smartphone.


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