Support For Internet Explorer 11 And Legacy Edge Will End In 2021


When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they introduced a brand new browser designed to exchange Internet Explorer within the variety of Edge. For people who might still be using Internet Explorer, for whatever reasons, you would possibly want to require note that the corporate has recently announced that support for Internet Explorer 11 are coming to an end in

Microsoft’s new Edge browser has surged in popularity since its launch in January this year, reaching number two position behind Google’s Chrome. Now, Microsoft has confirmed it’ll end support for the old version of Edge—meaning it’ll not receive to any extent further security updates.

It should be noted that Microsoft won’t be removing Internet Explorer from Windows, but rather they’re going to be ending support for it, but what does this mean? per the corporate, “This means after the above dates, customers will have a degraded experience or are unable to attach to Microsoft 365 apps and services on IE 11. For degraded experiences, new Microsoft 365 features won’t be available or certain features may cease to figure when accessing the app or service via IE 11.”

This means that users will still be ready to use the browser to go to websites, but integration with Microsoft’s 365 services can be impaired, which users may not be able to expect anymore updates.

Internet Explorer has been a web staple since its inception, although it did get a fairly bad reputation over the years which is why Microsoft launched Edge. Microsoft has also since made some changes to Edge where it’s been rebuilt on the Chromium platform, meaning that at its core, it’s just like Google’s Chrome browser but with Microsoft’s own tools and features.


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