How to Translate a Website with Google Translate


Want to read a far off language website in your native language? Google Translate can facilitate your therewith. And it’s not just single web content, either. you’ll browse a whole website within the chosen language, and even change languages as you browse.

Like other online translation tools, Google Translate isn’t perfect. It does have an honest reputation for accuracy, but it does make mistakes. So use it with caution. It should work fine with casual browsing of internet sites — as an example, if you only want to determine what an internet site seems like in Chinese — but be very careful in looking forward to Google Translate for love or money official.

To translate a complete website using Google Translate, follow these steps and see Figure 1 for reference:

1. Open an internet browser and head to You don’t need a Google account to access it, because it’s liberal to all.

2. In the text box on the left, type within the entire URL (including the http://) of the web site you would like to look at.

3. On the correct, choose the language you would like to work out the web site in.

4. Click Translate.

Figure 1: Translating an online site.

The translated website appears you’ll browse the complete website therein language by clicking links on the location — as long as you stay within the Google Translate interface. The Translate toolbar at the highest enables you to try and do a pair of other things:

From the To menu, you’ll be able to change the interpretation language on the fly.

Next to look at, you’ll be able to toggle back and forth between the translated website and also the site in its original language.

You may wonder why some words and phrases don’t seem to be translated. Google Translate translates only the particular text on a page. Any text that appears in a picture isn’t translated.


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