2020 Lexus UX 250h review: Space is at a premium


The 2020 Lexus UX 250h makes a awfully strong first impression. The sharply styled exterior design looks amazing — especially in my example’s cadmium yellow paint — and therefore the hybrid’s generous fuel economy claims are worth a response. Yet it’s hard to fall smitten with Lexus’ smallest model.

While efficient, the powertrain could be a bit breathless at speed, and there is surprisingly little room for cargo, passengers or car seats within the UX’s cramped cabin. And even with the 2020 model year tech updates, the smallest Lexus’ cockpit tech are often a small amount confusing to use.

Sharp design
Gorgeous and angular, the UX is perhaps the simplest execution of Lexus’ SUV design language and, in my opinion, one in every of the best-looking vehicles in its class. The sharply creased sheet plays better with the UX’s subcompact proportions than those of the larger RX and NX models. I particularly enjoy the chunky, RAV4-esque wheel arches and also the three-dimensional design of the taillamps, which protrude a small amount from the body like little aerodynamic diffusers.

Measuring 177 inches from nose to tail and standing just 60.6 inches tall, the UX isn’t that much larger than the CT 200h that it technically replaces because the entry point Lexus’ US lineup. the marginally elevated ride height and all-wheel drive are basically the sole traits of its design that outline the UX as alittle SUV instead of hatchback. To be fair, that’s usual during this class.

That said, even among its Lilliputian peers, the UX’s cabin feels particularly claustrophobic. There’s not much legroom to be found within the cramped second row and precious little volume for cargo. Between the sharply raked roof and also the hybrid’s battery pack, which raises the rear hatch floor, the UX 250h only offers 17.1 cubic feet of cargo space, about 4.6 cubes but the non-hybrid. That’s total cargo space with the seats folded flat. That puts the UX hybrid among the worst in its class, with less cargo capacity even than the liftback Hyundai Ioniq.


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